New Cowboys & Indians

We are pleased to announce, that we have added two new cowboys and two new indians to our website! 

First up is the Kneeling Cowboy! It only seemed fitting, that we should have a kneeling rifleman to accompany our Gunslinger Cowboy. The second is our Quick Draw Cowboy. He is so fast, that he almost lost his hat! We have a good feeling, he will be one of our bestsellers!  Next, is our Buffalo Horned Indian. He is nice addition with his head dress, and we think you will enjoy. Finally, We have our most detailed Brave Indian Warrior. He weighs in a little heavier at 1.5 oz. Currently, we are only offering these in 999 Silver only. Copper to come soon!

We hope you will enjoy these pieces!  Let us know what types of new pieces, that you might like to see! 


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